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The damned ManBag

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Apart from sightseeing and eating (our two main pastimes since we arrived to Peru), we've had a bit of downtime as well.

Yesterday, we chilled out in our room for most of the day. I tried to help Warren fix his stupid vintage leather bag with a needle and thread (his duct tape solution was a massive fail). The needle and thread was also a failure. As soon as he zipped it back up, the zipper came totally off the fabric.

For those of you that don't know: Warren bought an expensive vintage leather bag from Etsy to use as his ManBag/camera case. I bought him a Fuji Instax (think: polaroid), and it's mahooosive. Initially, I thought the bag looked pretty nice, and would serve its purpose well. Then, I found out he was bringing it on our trip...and nothing else but his rucksack. It's half the size of his other ManBag, and, well...old.

I was super annoying for the days leading up to our departure trying to convince him to bring something more sensible, but he refused. To be even more irritating, I bet him that it would become a thorn in his side while we were away. If he made me carry any of his crap, or if the leather snapped, etc, I'd win.

The prize? Birthdays are back on next year.

A few weeks ago, we'd agreed to sack 2013 birthdays off to save money after we broke down and paid to have a few of our posters framed.

Happy birthday to me!

At any rate, we also watched Safe House on blu-ray yesterday...on a swish LED 3D telly. It could just be me, but I found it TOO clear. I could see the hairs on Ryan Reynolds' nose. I see enough of that on Woz's nose, thanks. Plus, because it was so clear, things looked a bit cheap. Similar to how soap operas are filmed. Now, I'm not entirely sure if this was down to the film itself or the high-quality, but either way - we laughed in places that probably weren't meant to be funny.

We also watched a lot of CNN. In fact, we're still watching a lot of CNN. It's one of the only English-speaking channels. I have a feeling we're going to really hate CNN in a few weeks' time.

Oh, something else I think we'll hate in a few weeks' time? The smell of dirty/damp laundry. I put a clean top on to sleep in last night, and it smelled flipping amazing. I made Warren smell me. And it's still early days! I might save a shirt back for the last week of our journey, just to treasure that smell.

Hrm, unless the other smelly things in my bag rub off on it.

Perhaps I'll stick it in a drybag then. I'll keep you posted.

Going to go to a museum this afternoon with Elio, more specifically: el Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Arqueologia e Historia. I should be able to post a few more photos tonight I expect.

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El Comienzo!

Our journey begins in Lima...

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At last, the trip Woz and I have been planning for years has arrived!

After spending just one month living in the United States, we: received my new passport (as the last one was due to expire), Warren received his green card and permission to travel, we scrounged some cash together, and vamos!

We had a pretty straightforward day of travelling on 5 November (remember, remember) - our flight from Des Moines was delayed, but it worked in our favor. Initially, we were meant to travel from Des Moines -> Memphis -> Washington DC, then change planes in Atlanta before continuing on to Lima, Peru.


Because our flight was delayed from Des Moines, we missed our flight to DC, but this allowed us to skip that needless journey to travel instead directly to Atlanta. We had much more time to relax between flights and even squeezed $24 worth of food vouchers out of a couple airports. We lunched at Starbucks in Memphis (swishhhh!), and enjoyed a chicken burger at TGIFriday's Fine Dining Experience in Atlanta.

Oh, for those of you that don't know yet: VegetarianLex is temporarily unconscious. She's expected to come to on her return to Los Estados Unidos. This means I've been able to sample a shit tonne of traditional food here in Peru!

Including, but not limited to:

- ceviche, raw fish 'cooked' in lemon juice and a marinade with chilies...and leche de tigre
- pescado bonito, more fish in a lovely brown sauce, Jose says it has influncia de arabe
- a tasty dish served with yuca...I know what it wasn't, but not what it was.
- arroz con pollo of many varieties
- a sandwich with chicken, pineapple and cheese

We have been staying with Elio, a friend who Surfed on our Couch in 2010 when he moved to the UK to study. He and his father have been absolute legends. The picked us up from the airport, gave us a whole room to ourselves which is connected to the bathroom, cook us at least two meals a day, bring us into the city centre on the bus, the list goes on.

Warren's [impractical] vintage leather bag broke in three places yesterday, so today Jose (Elio's dad) has taken it to be repaired. Elio has had to spot us some cash about a dozen times as we've not been able to break large bills...or we've planned poorly.

As I said: legends.

We've been very lucky to get eased into Latin American culture here in Lima with family before heading out independently.

Elio has only been back from the UK for less than a week, so this is good and bad. It's good because he has free time to show us around, but bad because we've just appeared on his doorstep before he had time to settle in himself!

He has had two interviews this week, in between showing us around the city. We felt quite guilty initially, as we didn't want to distract his attention away from this meetings, but he received a phone call today to say he got the job! He starts on Monday, and we should be out of their hair at the weekend.

We're hoping to continue our travels on Saturday, to Ica -> Pisco -> Nazca -> Arequipa -> Cusco/Machu Picchu -> Juliaca -> Puno -> BOLIVIA.

Jose has loads of advice about where to travel and how long to stay - this means we're going to be staying in many more countries than we'd initially thought our budget would allow. Cross your fingers and toes for us!

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